Weapon Inflatables

Explore our extensive collection of inflatable weapons in our Weapon Inflatables category! Whether you're planning a costume party, a theatrical performance, or just looking for fun and safe playtime accessories, these novelty inflatables are sure to hit the mark. From gruesome and spooky options like bloody axes and chainsaws to adventurous pirate swords and knightly weaponry, we've got an array of inflatable arms that cater to various themes and events.

These inflatable weapons are not only fantastic additions to your fancy dress costume but also make excellent pool and garden toys, ensuring hours of imaginative and safe play for kids and adults alike. If you're organising a themed party, these inflatable novelties can be a standout feature, adding a unique touch to your event decor and ambiance. So, dive into our assortment of inflatable weapons and arm yourself with laughter and fun for your next gathering or playtime adventure!