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Toy Weapons

Welcome to our collection of toy weapons including swords, guns, shields and inflatables. Suitable for various party themes including pirate, cowboy and medieval!

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Twin Toy Guns and Holsters - 7 Piece Set
7.5 inch guns - wild west themed kid's toy weapons set
Inflatable Horror Bloody Knife
Blood stained fancy dress inflatable toy
Inflatable Horror Chainsaw
Bloody Fancy Dress Prop for Halloween
Rifle Gun Inflatable
36 inch blow up army gun with strap
Toy Bow and Arrow Set
20 inch kid's cowboys and indians fancy dress toy weapon
Wood Axe Inflatable
24 inch blow up weapon novelty toy
Inflatable Thor Hammer
18 inch blow up medieval weapon novelty toy
Flick Comb Metal | Kid's & Adult's Novelty Joke Toy
9 inch novelty joke toy gift
Pickaxe Inflatable
25 inch blow up seven dwarves fancy dress accessory
Dead Skeleton Pirate Fancy Dress Set
Kid's pirate themed fancy dress set toy
Water Pistols - 4 Gun Set
Pack of 4 water pistols
Hot Shots Foam Dart Shooter
Foam dart gun toy gift for kids
Cowboy Cap Gun Rifle
20 inch children's toy weapon
£3.49 RRP: £4.49
Foam Cutlass Sword
7 inch children's foam weapon toy
Pirate Pistol with Target
Kid's pirate style toy gun
Lightsaber Inflatable - 3 Colours SALE £1.75
Star Wars fancy dress accessory
£1.75 RRP: £2.15
Sheriff and Cowboy 6 Piece Toy Gun Playset
6 toy wild west play set
Mace Inflatable
28 inch blow up medieval weapon toy
Sheriff / Cowboy Toy Rifle with Bullets
Shooting toy gun for kids
Kids Six Piece Police Fancy Dress Outfit
Police theme novelty fancy dress set for kids
American Flag Rifle Inflatable
36 inch blow up USA flag toy gun - fun for party photo opportunites
£1.99 RRP: £2.49
Set of 6 Self-Inflating Light Sabers (70cm)
20 inch blow up novelty weapon
Pirate Sword Cutlass Inflatable - SALE £1.49
60cm blow up pirate weapon
£1.49 RRP: £2.49
Space Sword Inflatable
22 inch space pirate weapon of choice
Sword and Shield Inflatable
26 inch medieval weapon set blow up toys
Inflatable Army Soldier Rifle - SALE £1.49
30 inch blow up fancy dress and photo prop rifle
£1.49 RRP: £2.49