Sticky Toys

Browse our Sticky Toys category, a place where classic fun meets quirky designs. This collection features an array of sticky toys that promise hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. From the Sticky Alien Slingshot Firing Toy, measuring 7cm and perfect for launching into action, to the Sticky Slap & Stretch Hand, extending to 11cm for a surprise slap, each toy offers a unique tactile experience. 

Don't miss the Sticky Slimy Slug, a 12cm realistic fake slug that adds an element of surprise and fun to any scenario. Each product in this range is designed for playful interaction, encouraging imagination and providing endless possibilities for sticky fun. Ideal for party bag fillers, small gifts, or just for a laugh, these sticky toys are sure to stick around in your collection. Explore our Sticky Toys category for the ultimate in sticky, stretchy, and slimy amusement.