Pirate Party

Our Pirate Party category offers a selection of items suited for pirate-themed events. For dressing up, consider the Card Pirate Hats for Kids, available in packs of six or twelve, providing a simple and low cost pirate headwear option. Alternatively, accessorize the pirate costume with the Pirate Kid's Fancy Dress Accessories Set, a five-piece kit that includes basic pirate-themed items.

For party decorations and activities, the Large Inflatable Treasure Chest (58 x 31 x 52cm) can serve as a focal point or a prop for games. Mini Pirate Playing Cards are available for themed entertainment. For playful duels, we offer the Pirate Sword Cutlass Inflatable and the Plastic Cutlass Sword with Eyepatch, both appropriate for a pirate setting.

The 90cm Palm Tree Inflatable is great for creating a pirate island atmosphere. Additionally, the Inflatable Parrot provides a colourful decorative element. To complete the party setup, consider the Set of 10 Pirate Party Treasure Chest Goodies Box for themed packaging or giveaways.

This category aims to supply essential items for hosting a pirate-themed party, offering a range of products from costumes to decorations and party bag fillers.