Novelty Stationery

Welcome to our Novelty Stationery category at Super Fun Stuff, where we bring you a fun assortment of stationery items that are not only functional but also packed with joy and creativity! Our range includes everything from a 2-in-1 pen and torch to unicorn pencil erasers, ensuring that our writing and drawing toys are sure to make you smile and spark your creativity.

In this vibrant category, you'll find a myriad of items that cater to various themes and interests. For the animal lovers, we have the Zoo Animal Stickers and Farm Animal Stickers, ready to adorn your notebooks and crafts with a touch of the wild. For those who adore the world of emojis, our Emoji Stationery, including Emoji Pencil Sharpeners and Emoji Smileys Novelty Rubber Erasers, are here to add a dash of expressive fun to your writing and drawing activities.

Our novelty stationery items are not just for school; they also make unique gifts and party favours and party bags. And for those who love to scribble and sketch, our Crayon Stacking Pen With Changeable Colours and Wooden Baseball Bat Pen offer a playful twist to traditional writing instruments.

Whether you're heading back to school, looking for small gifts, or planning a themed party, our novelty stationery items are designed to bring a sprinkle of joy to every occasion. So, explore our collection and let’s make writing and drawing a super fun activity!

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