Novelty Rubbers

This unique selection features an array of mini novelty erasers that are not only functional but also add a touch of fun to any pencil case or desk. Our collection includes the charming Pack of 4 Dinosaur Erasers, perfect for young dinosaur enthusiasts and budding palaeontologists. These erasers make correcting mistakes a prehistoric adventure. Similarly, the Pack of 4 Space Erasers brings the wonders of the cosmos to your fingertips, ideal for little fans of space.

Unicorn lovers will be delighted with the Pack of 4 Unicorn Pencil Erasers, offering a magical touch to school supplies. These novelty erasers are a hit among children and unicorn admirers alike. For those who love the animal kingdom, the Pack of 4 Zoo Animal Erasers For Kids are a great choice, turning erasing into an exciting safari experience. The Puzzle Cube Eraser offers a fun, interactive twist to the usual erasing routine, challenging the mind while keeping your pages clean.

Each eraser in this category is not only practical for everyday use but also serves as a delightful collectible or gift item, bringing joy and a bit of novelty to everyday writing and drawing tasks.