Novelty Rubber Ducks

Our Novelty Rubber Ducks category offers a fun collection of small rubber ducks for sale. From the classic Big Yellow Rubber Duck, standing 10cm tall, to themed varieties like the festive Christmas Rubber Duck and the adventurous Pirate Rubber Duck, each 5cm in size, there's a little rubber duck for every personality and occasion. These ducks are great for bath time fun; and they make fantastic gifts, collectibles, and even serve as quirky promotional items.

For those seeking something a bit more unique, the Glitter Rubber Duck, available in 6cm and 10cm sizes, adds a sparkling touch to your collection. The Farm Animal Rubber Duck brings a touch of the countryside to your bath, while the Halloween Rubber Duck is perfect for seasonal festivities. For those in a hurry, our lucky dip rubber duck collection offers a quick and easy way to purchase a mix of rubber ducks. 

Beyond the standard rubber ducks, the category also includes novel items like the Duck Whistle, a fun and quirky way to make some noise, and the Rubber Duck Keyring With Lights & Sound, combining functionality with fun. For the collectors, the Set of 5 Mini Rubber Ducks With Net offers a charming addition, and for those who like sensory toys, the Sticky Splat Duck With Glitter and the larger Stretch & Squeeze Duck provide tactile and visual enjoyment.

In this collection, you'll find over 25 different styles of rubber ducks, including animal-themed, occupation-themed, and many more unique designs. Whether for duck races, gifts, or simply to bring a smile, these rubber ducks are sure to delight kids and adults alike.