Novelty Gifts Under £5

Embark on a journey through Super Fun Stuff’s Novelty Gifts Under £5 category, where you'll uncover a splendid assortment of amusing and budget-friendly gifts suitable for all occasions. This category is meticulously curated to present you with a broad selection of items, all under a fiver, ensuring that you can find just the right little something for every event and celebration.

Dive into our collection and discover items like the Inflatable Crocodile, a 90cm-long playful inflatable perfect for pool parties and beach outings, or the Squeezy Stretchy Cat Stress Toy, a delightful and squishy companion that can help ease the day’s stress away. Don’t miss out on our Emoji Yellow Drawstring Backpack for Kids, combining utility with a fun, expressive design that’s sure to be a hit.

Our under £5 novelty gifts are not only wallet-friendly but also incredibly versatile, making them excellent choices for party giveaways, classroom prizes, or simply as a small token to bring a smile to someone’s face. From our fun toys such as our Water Pistol Gun, to the festive, like the Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Beach Ball, each item in this category is selected for its ability to bring joy in an economical way.

So, navigate through our Novelty Gifts Under £5 category and discover a realm where fun and affordability coexist. Whether it’s a Soft Pug Dog Plush Keyring for an animal lover or a Set of 12 Rubber Emoji Smile Face Keyrings for party favours, your perfect budget-friendly gift awaits at Super Fun Stuff. This category includes products from our inflatable toys, novelty keyrings, emoji toys and fancy dress shop categories.

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