NFC Gifts & Gadgets

Welcome to our Mobile Activated Interactive Products category, where technology meets fun and practicality! Here, you'll find a unique selection of tech gadgets designed to bring joy, knowledge, and inspiration with a simple tap of your NFC-enabled device. Including dad joke generating products, random quiz generator, location services to improve Airbnb guest experiences, horoscope generators and more!

All products are activated with a mobile phone (1-5cm range) or NFC device. Works with all mobile phones released since 2019.

For iPhone: iPhone 7 and above have built-in NFC chips and work by default. The NFC reader on iPhone is at the top of the phone on the back. 

For Android: Android devices have an NFC chip and work by default. To confirm, go to settings, search for "NFC" and make sure it is enabled. For Android phones, the NFC reader is in the middle of the phone on the back. 

No App or setup required and no batteries required (your mobile phone will power the chip inside the product once approached).