Musical Inflatables

Welcome to our Musical Inflatables collection! If you're planning a karaoke party or just looking to add some musical fun to your event, you're in the right place. We offer a fantastic selection of inflatable instruments that are perfect for all sorts of musical shenanigans.

Inflatable Guitars: Our inflatable guitars come in various sizes, from the compact 55cm Neon Guitar to the larger 95cm Neon Guitar, available in four vibrant colours. We also have the Rock and Roll Guitar at 100cm and the DIY Inflatable Toy Guitar for those who want to colour their own musical masterpiece.

Inflatable Saxophones: Get jazzy with our inflatable saxophones. Choose from three different colours in either a large 75cm size or a smaller 55cm option.

Inflatable Microphones: Become the star of the show with our inflatable microphones. We have a range of sizes and neon colours to choose from, including the 125cm Microphone with Stand and the 86cm Large Party Microphone.

Inflatable Boombox Stereo: If you're feeling nostalgic for the '80s, check out our inflatable boombox stereo options. We have both large and small sizes to suit your party's vibe.

Specialty Inflatables: Don't miss our unique offerings, such as the Inflatable Bongo Drum & Strap, Union Jack Guitar, Flying V Guitar, Flame Guitar, and Zebra Print Microphone. These instruments are sure to add flair to your musical-themed event.

Whether you're throwing a karaoke night, a musical-themed party, or just want to rock out with some friends, our Musical Inflatables are a fantastic addition. These blow-up instruments are not only great fun but also make excellent props for school events, amateur theatres, and music festivals. So, get ready to hit the high notes and make some inflatable musical magic!