Interactive Wall Stickers

Welcome to our Interactive Wall Stickers category, where we combine the fun of interactive technology with home decor. Our highlight products in this category include the Random Dad Joke Wall Sticker and the Random Quiz Question Wall Sticker, both measuring 10cm. These innovative stickers are not just decorative but interactive, bringing a new level of engagement to your wall art. Each time you tap them with your phone, they reveal a random dad joke or quiz question in your phone's browser, making them a delightful source of entertainment for family and guests.

Thanks to their sleek design, they add a pop of colour to your kitchen or office wall, while also serving as a quirky conversation starter. Apart from being entertaining, these wall stickers are easy to apply and remove on any glossy surface such as wood, tile or glass, as well as wallpaper or glossy painted walls, making them a hassle-free addition to your home. They're perfect for sprucing up kitchen walls and with their waterproof coating, they make a unique element to splashbacks, or simply bringing some fun into your daily routine.