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Inflatable Zoo Animals


Here you can browse our inflatable zoo animals including elephants, giraffes and blow up penguins. Great for a kids zoo animal themed birthday party!

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Flamingo Stick Inflatable (145cm)
145cm Large blow up animal/bird toy
Giraffe Inflatable
59cm blow up safari animal
Hand Pump for Inflatables and Balloons
Pump for blow ups, excellent time saving party accessory
Inflatable Crocodile 90cm
Green Blow up crocodile toy for kids
Inflatable Limbo Stick Party Game - 6FT
6ft long inflatable toy
Inflatable Meerkat
59cm unique inflatable animal toy
Inflatable Parrot Large - 75cm
75cm novelty animal inflatable for kids parties
Lion Inflatable (53cm)
145cm large inflatable lion head on pole toy
Monkey Inflatable Toy
58cm jungle animal party toy
Penguin Inflatable
24 inch cute animal blow up toy
Pink Flamingo Inflatable
27 inch zoo animal bird blow up novelty
Snake Inflatable - 230cm
230cm coiled jungle snake blow up novelty
Zoo Animal Inflatable Headbands - Set of 12
24 inch novelty 80s fancy dress blow up hat
Inflatable Monkey Baby - Pink or Blue
Adorable novelty blow up toy for kids and parties
Tiger Head on Stick Inflatable (145cm)
Giant jungle animal inflatable pole with tiger head
Beach Ball Animal - Monkey Inflatable
zoo / jungle themed blow up beachball
Monkey Inflatable - Pixel Game Design
Video game pixel design blow up animal toy
Inflatable Hug Me Animals - Choice of 6
Kids and Toddlers low cost party toy
Pink Panda Inflatable
24 inch cute blow up animal novelty
Inflatable Elephant
65cm Inflatable Animal for Kids
Parrot Inflatable
48cm blow up bird inflatable toy
Zebra Animal Hammer Inflatable
14 inch zoo theme blow up mallet
Inflatable Zebra Head on Stick (145cm)
Large zoo animal themed kids party toy
Garden Inflatables Butterfly, Snail, Flower - Pack of 3
Includes 3 small inflatables - butterfly, snail and flower
Big Arms Frog Inflatable
18 inch cute jungle animal inflatable kids toy
Inflatable Beach Ball - Blow Up Panda Head Novelty Toy
11 inch happy panda garden and pool toy
Tiger Hammer Inflatable
14 inch jungle animal blow up mallet
Penguin Inflatable - Pixel Video Game Design
Cool Sea Themed Inflatable Toy
Rainbow Zebra Inflatable Toy
24 inch blow up rainbow animal toy
Zebra Inflatable
24 inch blow up safari animal toy
Lion Hammer Inflatable
14 inch jungle animal themed inflatable toy
Giant Inflatable Monkey 5.5 Feet Tall
Giant / Large monkey inflate for kids - our biggest inflatable animal
Beach Ball Animal - Elephant Inflatable
safari animal blow up novelty toy for kids
Beach Ball Animal - Giraffe Inflatable
safari animal blow up animal toy
Owl Inflatable - 4 Colours
24 inch blow up bird inflatable toy
Inflatable Elephant Head on Stick (145cm)
145cm jungle inflate toy for kids
Beach Ball Animal - Tiger Inflatable
zoo animal round inflatable with legs and face
Big Arms Monkey Inflatable
18 inch adorable zoo and jungle blow up beach toy
Sock Monkey Inflatable
24 inch novelty animal inflatable
Giant Inflatable Penguin 5 Feet Tall
Jumbo blow up penguin - great for parties
Salamander Lizard Inflatable
16 inch blow up lizard animal toy
Big Arms Tiger Inflatable
18 inch blow up jungle animal novelty gift