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Inflatable Toys

The largest collection of inflatable toys for sale in the UK, including blow up animals, instruments, weapons, beach balls; great additions to children's birthday parties and fancy dress events, and low cost toys for kids. Some of the most popular toys this range are; elephant, penguin, lion, guitar, microphone, rifle, and alien, also great for the pool or beach.

Bulk discounts: Spend £20 get 10% off, Spend £100 get 25% off
Inflatable Lungs Body Part
19 inch blow up educational toy
Beach Ball Inflatable - Princess Theme Novelty
SALE £1.29 - 16 inch blow up girls pink princess outdoor toy
£1.29 RRP: £1.99
Construction Road Barrier Inflatable
15 inch blow up novelty toy
Triceratops Dinosaur Inflatable
32 inch dinosaur animal blow up novelty
High Five Dog Paw Inflatable
36 inch blow up animal themed toy
Dinosaur Inflatable Hobby-Horse
25 inch children's blow up toy
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Space Shuttle Inflatable
14 inch space themed blow up toy
Donkey Pinata Inflatable
18 inch animal party inflatable
Inflatable Beach Ball - Blow Up Basketball
13 inch sports theme beach ball
Inflatable Beach Ball  Camouflage Frog Animal Toy
10 inch jungle animal theme beach ball
Giant Inflatable Duck - Extra Large Ducky
4.5ft x 4ft jumbo novelty blow up duck
Big Arms Monkey Inflatable
18 inch adorable zoo and jungle blow up beach toy
Jumbo Inflatable Alien Giant - 8 Feet Tall
Huge 8ft Blow up Alien in Green
Smiley Face Beach Ball - Inflatable Toy
16 inch happy face emoji beach ball
Cool Shades Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Sunglasses smiley emoji beach ball
Jungle Hammer Inflatable -  SALE £1.99
22 inch animal themed blow up hammers
£1.99 RRP: £2.39
Jet Plane F/A-18 Replica Inflatable
23 inch blue angel replica novelty blow up
Tiger Hammer Inflatable
14 inch jungle animal blow up mallet
Inflatable Frog with Cute Eyes
Jungle or Zoo Themed Kids Party Toy
Sunglasses Emoji Smiley Face Beach Ball
Cool shades face emoticon beach ball inflatable
Inflatable Monster Feet - 1 Pair
Wearable blow up monster feet
Pickaxe Inflatable
25 inch blow up seven dwarves fancy dress accessory
Horse Inflatable
36 inch blow up farm animal toy
£3.49 RRP: £4.79
Scuba Tank Inflatable with Straps
~Blow up scuba diver tank for fancy dress and role play
Giant Inflatable Monkey 5.5 Feet Tall
Giant / Large monkey inflate for kids - our biggest inflatable animal
Beach Ball - Traditional Multicoloured Inflatable
16 inch beach ball classic pool and water inflate
Dragon Inflatable
28 inch blow up mythical toy
F16 Thunderbird Jet Inflatable
18 inch blow up fighter jet plane
Beach Ball - Traditional Blue & White
16 inch traditional blue & white sand inflatable
Ninja Fighter Inflatable
24 inch blow up novelty toy
Red Chilli Pepper Inflatable
15 inch red hot inflatable chilli pepper
Octopus Inflatable
24 inch sea animal theme blow up toy
Inflatable Oscar Movie Award
60 inch giant party prop decoration inflatable
Penguin Inflatable - Pixel Video Game Design
Cool Sea Themed Inflatable Toy
Flame Chair Inflatable
40 x 30 inch novelty blow up lounge armchair
Pickle Inflatable
36 inch food themed party blow up novelty
Inflatable Army Soldier Rifle - SALE £1.49
30 inch blow up fancy dress and photo prop rifle
£1.49 RRP: £2.49
Sea Horse Inflatable
24 inch cute blow up sea creature
Hot Air Balloon Inflatable
22 inch novelty blow up toy
Giant Inflatable Penguin 5 Feet Tall
Jumbo blow up penguin - great for parties
Wood Axe Inflatable
24 inch blow up weapon novelty toy
Snowflake Wand Inflatable
Christmas time inflatable novelty for kids
Crayon Inflatable
24 inch colourful novelty jumbo inflate for kids or adults novelty fancy dress
Inflatable Beach Ball - American Football Blow Up
Cheap Beach Ball - On Sale £0.99 - 13 inch - sport themed
£0.99 RRP: £1.99
Fancy Dress Inflatable Giant Flip Flops - 1 Pair
Wearable Giant Sandals, 3 Colours to choose, 20 Inches Long
£3.99 RRP: £4.99
Ginger Tabby Inflatable Cat
20 inch inflatable pet toy
Jungle Guitar Inflatable
42 inch amazon jungle safari design inflatable instruments
Inflatable Girl Alien - Extra Large
5FT tall giant alien blow up for kids parties and joke gifts
Inflatable Alien - Extra Large
5FT tall giant space themed blow up for kids parties and joke gifts
Inflatable Alien - Large
3FT space themed blow up toy for children's party decorations
Frog Inflatable - 4 Colours
18 inch cute jungle frogs for kids
Inflatable Tyre Rings
21 Inch blow up ring for obstacle course games and pool toy
Inflatable Brain Blow Up Toy
11 inch blow up brain toy
Cool Sunglasses Inflatable Emoji Man
24 inch emoticon smiley blow up novelty
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Rainbow Poo Emoji Inflatable
Poo emoticon character inflatable
£3.99 RRP: £4.99
Heart Inflatable Body Part
Descriptive educational inflatable toy
Red, White, and Blue Inflatable Beach Ball
16 inch classic pattern blue, white and red blow up toy
Lipstick Make-Up Inflatable
34 inch blow up party novelty
Tortoiseshell Tri-Colour Inflatable Cat
20 inch inflatable pet toy
American Football Man Inflatable
20 inch novelty inflatable toy for kids

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