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Inflatable Toys

The largest collection of inflatable toys for sale in the UK, including blow up animals, instruments, weapons, beach balls; great additions to children's birthday parties and fancy dress events, and low cost toys for kids. Some of the most popular toys this range are; elephant, penguin, lion, guitar, microphone, rifle, and alien, also great for the pool or beach.

Bulk discounts: Spend £20 get 10% off, Spend £100 get 25% off
Space Hopper Bounce Skippy Ball
Outdoor play toy for kids
Stegosaurus Dinosaur Inflatable
28 inch fun inflatable dinosaur toy
Inflatable Torch - Choice of Colours
Blow up novelty torch flashlight toy
£2.49 RRP: £2.99
Zebra Animal Hammer Inflatable
14 inch zoo theme blow up mallet
Shark Inflatable
24 inch blow up sea-life toy
Pedestrian Road Sign Inflatable
18 inch novelty blow up party toy
£3.99 RRP: £4.29
1960's Pink Hippy Guitar Inflatable
42 inch inflatable party photo prop instrument
Stomach Inflatable Body Part
10 inch educational inflatable toy
£2.99 RRP: £3.49
Penguin Inflatable
24 inch cute animal blow up toy
Saxophone Inflatable
24 Inch Inflatable Instrument - Green, Orange, Pink or Yellow
Pink Panda Inflatable
24 inch cute blow up animal novelty
Colourful Latex Party Balloons (Pack of 8)
Party balloons pack of 8
Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Beach Ball
Great value halloween party inflatable
Pirate Baseball Bat Inflatable
42 inch large sport theme novelty inflatable
Sword and Shield Inflatable
26 inch medieval weapon set blow up toys
Smile Man Chair Inflatable
36 inch happy face blow up lounge armchair
Ladybird Inflatable Beach Ball
11 inch blow up mini beach ball
Inflatable Bongo Drum & Strap
Musical fancy dress accessory
Heart Eyes Inflatable Emoji Man
24 inch emoticon smiley blow up novelty
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Kissing Smiley Inflatable Emoji Man
Blow kiss emoticon character inflatable
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Cry Laughing Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Crying with laughter emoticon beach ball
Winking Smiley Inflatable Emoji Man
Winking emoticon character inflatable novelty
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
White Baseball Bat Inflatable
42 inch large sports novelty inflatable
Rock 'n' Roll Guitar Inflatables
42 Inch Inflatable Party Instrument - Black or White
T Rex Dinosaur Inflatable - 76cm
76cm inflatable dinosaur animal novelty
Candy Cane Inflatable
44 inch blow up toy - fun Christmas photo booth prop
Happy Tongue Out Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Tongue out emoticon beach ball inflatable
Blow Kiss Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Kissing emoticon smiley face blow up ball
Santa Claus Christmas Inflatable 120cm
120cm blow up Father Christmas novelty
Scared Fearful Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Scared face emoticon ball novelty inflate
Heart Eyes Love Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Heart eyes love emoticon beach ball inflatable
Smirking Wink Smiley Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Wink wink nudge nudge smirk smirk
Surprised Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Surprise face smiley emoticon inflate
Princess Bat Inflatable
42 inch large pink princess themed blow up bat
Winking Smiley Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Winking smiley emoticon novelty toy
Teeth Grimace Emoji Beach Ball Inflatable
Teeth showing smiley emoticon blow up ball
Keyboard Inflatable
24 inch novelty blow up instrument
Pterodactyl Dinosaur Inflatable
28 inch blow up inflatable dinosaur toy
Glow In Dark Chair Inflatable
30 x 30 inch blow up leisure novelty lounge armchair for children or small adults
Inflatable Thor Hammer
18 inch blow up medieval weapon novelty toy
Inflatable Beach Ball - Blow Up Novelty Golf Ball
11 Inch Inflatable Beach Ball
£1.99 RRP: £2.29
Buffet Party Table Inflatable
54 x 24 inch large blow up drinks cooler for parties
Smile Man Inflatable
20 inch happy face blow up novelty
Inflatable Teeth and Mouth on Legs
12 inch dental themed novelty toy
£3.99 RRP: £4.29
Sock Monkey Inflatable
24 inch novelty animal inflatable
Nascar Race Car Inflatable
20 inch novelty vehicle inflatable
Slow Traffic Sign Inflatable
16 inch unique blow up novelty
Hangable Inflatable Flip Flop Sandals - 1 Pair
10 inch beach themed party inflatable
Stop Road Traffic Sign Inflatable
16 inch blow up party novelty
Snowman Inflatable
24 inch blow up Christmas themed novelty
Giant Handcuffs Inflatable
58 inch giant novelty party blow up toy
One Way Road Sign Inflatable
16 x 16 inch novelty blow up toy
Traffic Lights Inflatable
18 inch inflatable party novelty
Liver Inflatable Body Part
13 inch blow up educational toy body part
Inflatable Brain Body Part
10 inch educational body part inflatable
Trumpet Inflatable
27 inch novelty blow up instrument
Rabbit Inflatable - 4 Colours
17 inch cute eating animal inflatable toy
Gold or Silver Microphone Inflatable - Large
28 inch large party blow up novelty
2 x Kidneys Inflatable Body Parts
Descriptive educational blow up body part

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