Inflatable Instruments

Discover a variety of inflatable musical instruments in our collection, perfect for music-themed parties, karaoke, or as fancy dress accessories. The available styles encompass rock, jazz, and country themes, offering a playful addition to your events.

In this category, you'll find an array of products including: Inflatable Guitars: Available in various styles like the Rock and Roll Guitar (100cm) and Neon Guitar (95cm), Inflatable Microphones: Options include microphones of different sizes and colours, with notable items like the Microphone with Stand (125cm) and Large Inflatable Party Microphone (86cm), Inflatable Saxophones: Available in three colours, the Large Saxophone (75cm) adds a jazz vibe to your ensemble, Inflatable Bongo Drum & Strap: Add a rhythm to your party with this unique item. Other instruments and musical inflatables include Inflatable Boombox Stereo, DIY Inflatable Toy Guitar, and Zebra Print Inflatable Microphone.

The products are designed with a blend of vivid colours and authentic printed graphics to resemble real instruments, making them suitable as fun props for various occasions. With no minimum order for discounted prices and a free standard delivery on orders over £35, it's easy to get the party started with our inflatable instruments collection.