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Inflatable Animals

Low price inflatable animals, small, large and giant! Our range of blow up animals features cool themes such as; jungle, zoo, African safari, water and sea life, barn and farm yard and birds. Great for kid’s parties, gifts, pool toys, or as fancy dress party props. See our Inflatable Toys for the largest UK range of inflatables.

Automatic discounts for bulk buying, starting at an order value of £10 (up to 25% off with £100 order).
Beach Ball Animal - Monkey Inflatable
zoo / jungle themed blow up beachball
Spider Ring Toss Game Inflatable + 4 Rings
24 inch novelty party game
£7.75 RRP: £9.99
Monkey Inflatable - Pixel Game Design
Video game pixel design blow up animal toy
Big Arms Penguin Inflatable
18 inch novelty animal pool and garden inflatable for kids parties
Pig Inflatable - Pixel Video Game Design
20 inch pixel game design blow up pig
Pterodactyl Dinosaur Inflatable
28 inch blow up inflatable dinosaur toy
Big Arms Monkey Inflatable
18 inch adorable zoo and jungle blow up beach toy
Sauropod Dinosaur Inflatable
30 inch inflatable dinosaur animal novelty
Rabbit Inflatable - 4 Colours
17 inch cute eating animal inflatable toy
Standing Duck Inflatable
22 inch farm animal blow up novelty toy
Giant Inflatable Duck - Extra Large Ducky
4.5ft x 4ft jumbo novelty blow up duck
Sock Monkey Inflatable
24 inch novelty animal inflatable
Triceratops Dinosaur Inflatable
32 inch dinosaur animal blow up novelty
Tiger Hammer Inflatable
14 inch jungle animal blow up mallet
High Five Dog Paw Inflatable
36 inch blow up animal themed toy
Dinosaur Inflatable Hobby-Horse
25 inch children's blow up toy
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Jungle Hammer Inflatable -  SALE £1.99
22 inch animal themed blow up hammers
£1.99 RRP: £2.39
Inflatable Frog with Cute Eyes
Jungle or Zoo Themed Kids Party Toy
Inflatable Beach Ball  Camouflage Frog Animal Toy
10 inch jungle animal theme beach ball
Big Arms Elephant Inflatable
18 inch safari / circus inflate toy for kids
Donkey Pinata Inflatable
18 inch animal party inflatable
Inflatable Lizard
Green Blow up lizard toy for kids
Giant Inflatable Monkey 5.5 Feet Tall
Giant / Large monkey inflate for kids - our biggest inflatable animal
Giraffe Animal Hammer Inflatable
14 inch blow up zoo animal inflatable toys for kids
Tiger Inflatable
24 inch jungle animal inflatable novelty
Lion Inflatable
24 inch inflatable jungle animals toy
Black and White Inflatable Cat
20 inch inflatable pet toy
Butterfly Inflatable
27 inch pretty animal blow up toy
Cow Inflatable
17 inch farm animal inflatable toy
Dragon Inflatable
28 inch blow up mythical toy
Sea Horse Inflatable
24 inch cute blow up sea creature
Octopus Inflatable
24 inch sea animal theme blow up toy
Horse Inflatable
36 inch blow up farm animal toy
£3.49 RRP: £4.79
Penguin Inflatable - Pixel Video Game Design
Cool Sea Themed Inflatable Toy
Giant Inflatable Penguin 5 Feet Tall
Jumbo blow up penguin - great for parties
Ginger Tabby Inflatable Cat
20 inch inflatable pet toy

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