Funny Inflatables

Welcome to the wackiest corner of inflatable wonders in the UK – the "Funny Inflatables" collection! If you've got a craving for chuckles and a passion for peculiar, you're in the right place. We've rounded up an array of inflatable novelties that are here to tickle your funny bone, redefine fun, and make you say, "I need that!"

Hilarious Poolside Partners: Dive into giggles with our Sunglasses Emoji Smiley Face Beach Ball or make a smooching statement with the Kissing Smiley Inflatable Emoji Man. They're not just beach balls; they're the life of the pool party!

Giggle-Inducing Accessories: Dressing up? Our Inflatable Grim Reaper Scythe is the perfect prop for a deathly funny costume, and the Inflatable Banana is a sight gag that's beyond life-sized.

Party Pleasers: When you're throwing a bash, don't forget the fun factor! Our Giant Inflatable Skeleton Decoration stands at a towering 183cm, and the Inflatable 80's Mobile Phone Toy is a blast from the past.

Laugh-Out-Loud Props: Comedy takes center stage with inflatables like the Inflatable Pig Head on Stick, Giant Moustache, and Sheep Inflatable.

In this extraordinary collection, you'll find inflatables that are larger than life-sized, from giant bananas to large microphones. Whether you're adding a hilarious touch to your poolside party, completing a costume, or just looking for the perfect funny gift, our Funny Inflatables have you covered. Get ready to LOL - Literally Observe Laughter!

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