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Funny Inflatables

Here you'll find the biggest collection of funny inflatables in the UK. This fun cetogry of blow up toys features all the inflatable novelties we feel are even funnier than the other inflates we have for sale. You might be looking for a funny novelty for the pool, a unique prop as an accessory for a fancy dress costume, inflatable novelties for a party or night club event, or even funny stocking filler gift for a child or adult!

This unique collection features many oversized inflatable toys that are way bigger than life sized, such as the banana, moustache, pretzels and large microphones.  

Giant Moustache Inflatable
40 inches large blow up party novelty
£2.99 RRP: £3.99
Large Inflatable Crutch - 4 Feet Long
Funny fancy dress accessory
Inflatable Brain Blow Up Toy
11 inch blow up brain toy
Fancy Dress Inflatable Giant Flip Flops - 1 Pair
Wearable Giant Sandals, 3 Colours to choose, 20 Inches Long
£3.99 RRP: £4.99
Big Arms Dog Inflatable
18 inch blow up cute animal garden and pool toy for kids
Pickle Inflatable
36 inch food themed party blow up novelty
Inflatable Beach Ball - Blow Up Panda Head Novelty Toy
11 inch happy panda garden and pool toy
Cool Sunglasses Inflatable Emoji Man
24 inch emoticon smiley blow up novelty
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Crying Laughing Inflatable Emoji Man
Yellow emoticon inflatable character laughing smiley
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Heart Eyes Inflatable Emoji Man
24 inch emoticon smiley blow up novelty
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Kissing Smiley Inflatable Emoji Man
Blow kiss emoticon character inflatable
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Rainbow Poo Emoji Inflatable
Poo emoticon character inflatable
£3.99 RRP: £4.99
Tongue Out Inflatable Emoji Man
24 inch emoji man blow up toy for kids
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Winking Smiley Inflatable Emoji Man
Winking emoticon character inflatable novelty
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Inflatable Banana - 4 Feet
48 inch food themed party novelty - Great as an oversized photobooth prop!
Lipstick Make-Up Inflatable
34 inch blow up party novelty
Baseball Mascot Man Inflatable
20 inch novelty blow up carnival inflatable toy
Beach Ball Animal - Giraffe Inflatable
safari animal blow up animal toy
Inflatable Pretzel
24 Inch blow up food novelty toy
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Giant Inflatable Doughnuts with Sprinkles - 4 Flavours
32 inch jumbo blow up food themed donuts for pool, garden and parties
£3.99 RRP: £4.49
Beach Ball Animal - Tiger Inflatable
zoo animal round inflatable with legs and face
Big Arms Penguin Inflatable
18 inch novelty animal pool and garden inflatable for kids parties
Cartoon Shark Inflatable
24 inch sea animal inflatable pool toy
Beach Ball Animal - Elephant Inflatable
safari animal blow up novelty toy for kids
Inflatable Hedgehogs - 4 Colours
24 inch blow up hedgehogs in 4 colours
Cow Inflatable
17 inch farm animal inflatable toy
Crayon Inflatable
24 inch colourful novelty jumbo inflate for kids or adults novelty fancy dress
Crown Inflatable
13.5 inch blow up fancy dress novelty
Big Arms Elephant Inflatable
18 inch safari / circus inflate toy for kids
Sea Horse Inflatable
24 inch cute blow up sea creature
Dragon Inflatable
28 inch blow up mythical toy
Duck Inflatable
18 inch blow up farm animal toy
Monster Inflatable - Choice of 3
20 inch novelty Halloween blow up toys
£2.99 RRP: £3.49
Basketball Mascot Man Inflatable
20 inch sports novelty inflatable
Big Arms Tiger Inflatable
18 inch blow up jungle animal novelty gift
Football Mascot Man Inflatable
20 inch blow up UK football novelty toy and funfair carnival prize
Extra Large Zebra Print Inflatable Microphone - 3 Colours
39 inch giant blow up party inflatable
Frog Inflatable - 4 Colours
18 inch cute jungle frogs for kids
Beach Ball Animal - Monkey Inflatable
zoo / jungle themed blow up beachball
Giraffe Animal Hammer Inflatable
14 inch blow up zoo animal inflatable toys for kids
Ice Cream Inflatable 3FT
36 inch / 1 yard long food themed novelty blow up
Inflatable Hand Finger Pointing - Choice of Colours
18 inch fancy dress / crowd cheering blow up toy
Inflatable Lemur
24 inch unique inflatable animal toy
Inflatable Pig
24 inch farm animal inflate
Pig Inflatable - Pixel Video Game Design
20 inch pixel game design blow up pig
Snowflake Wand Inflatable
Christmas time inflatable novelty for kids
Intestines Inflatable Body Part
18 inch educational blow up toy
£3.49 RRP: £3.99
Inflatable Witches Broom - Blue or Purple
Kid's Fancy Dress Prop - 28 Inches Long
Lion Hammer Inflatable
14 inch jungle animal themed inflatable toy
Mardi Gras Mask Inflatable
12 inch blow up fancy dress mask
£2.49 RRP: £2.99
Mohawk Hair Hat Inflatable
24 inch novelty 80s fancy dress blow up hat
Monkey Inflatable - Pixel Game Design
Video game pixel design blow up animal toy
Owl Inflatable - 4 Colours
24 inch blow up bird inflatable toy
Octopus Inflatable
24 inch sea animal theme blow up toy
Big Arms Frog Inflatable
18 inch cute jungle animal inflatable kids toy
Red Chilli Pepper Inflatable
15 inch red hot inflatable chilli pepper
Penguin Inflatable
24 inch cute animal blow up toy
Penguin Inflatable - Pixel Video Game Design
Cool Sea Themed Inflatable Toy
Pink Flamingo Inflatable
27 inch zoo animal bird blow up novelty
Relaxed / Relieved Emoji Smiley Face Beach Ball
Chilled smiley face emoticon inflatable ball
£0.99 RRP: £1.99

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