Emoji Toys

Dive into a world of expressions with our vibrant and super fun range of novelty Emoji Toys at Super Fun Stuff. Our collection, unique to the UK, brings to life your favourite emoticons, transforming them into playful and cuddly toys, suitable for kids and adults alike. From plush soft toys and pillows to slinkys and many more emoticon icon-themed novelties, we ensure that you find the perfect emoji to express every mood and occasion.

In this lively category, you'll find a variety of emoji-themed toys that are not only adorable but also make great low-cost, interesting gifts for boys and girls. Our Smile Face Foam Stress Ball, for instance, is not just a cute emoji but also a stress-busting companion that can be squeezed and squished to channel out the day’s tension. For those who love a good laugh, our Kissing Inflatable Emoji Man is ready to bring a dose of fun to any setting, be it a party, a bedroom, or a casual gathering.

Our Emoji Bubble Bottles - Set of 4 Smileys, are a source of bubbly fun but and a delightful addition to party bags, ensuring that the cheerful vibes continue to bubble over, even after the party ends. And for those who love to wear their emotions, our Emoji Smiley Metal Charm Necklace - Smile Face is a charming way to keep positivity close to your heart.

Our emoji toys are here to convey every emotion in the most playful way. So, explore our collection, choose your favourite emojis, and let’s express, play, and have fun together!