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Bath Toys

Bath time is not complete without your bath toys! In this section you'll find a great selection of fun, water friendly toys.   

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Mini Basketball Set with Stand, Flicker & Ball
Small sport themed basketball toy for a tiny slam dunk - 13cm
Set of 5 Mini Rubber Ducks With Net - Bath Toy
Novelty rubber duckie gift for children
Wind Up Bath Time Scuba Diver Toy - 20cm
Bath time scuba diver toy for toddlers
Zombie Undead Rubber Ducks x 4
2 inch scary monster themed rubber duckie set
Beach Rubber Ducks x 4
2.5 inch beach theme collectable ducks
Hawaiian Luau Rubber Ducks x 3
Collectable beach Hawaii rubber duckies
Rock Star Rubber Ducks x 4
Rock and Roll themed collectable rubber ducks
Pirate Rubber Ducks x 4
Bath time collectable rubber ducks - pirate theme
Space Rubber Ducks x 4
Space themed novelty rubber ducks
Set of 4 Punk Rocker Rubber Ducks
2 inch children's bath time novelty
Set of 4 Unicorn Rubber Duck
2 inch collectable novelty duckie
Set of 4 Football Rubber Ducks
2.5 inch sport themed novelty ducks
Farm Animal Rubber Ducks x 4
2 inch collectable rubber duckies set
Princess Rubber Ducks x 4
Collectable princess rubber duckies
Mermaid Rubber Ducks x 4
Collectable rubber duckies - mermaid theme
Orange Stripe Rubber Duck
Cool design collectable orange rubber duckies
Purple Stripe Rubber Duck
Cool purple pattern collectable rubber duckie
Blue Stripe Rubber Duck
Cool pattern collectable rubber ducks
Turtle Family Bath Toy
9 inch bath time kid's sea animal gift
Birthday Rubber Ducks x 4
2.5 inch collectable novelty rubber ducks
Water Pistol Gun - 11cm
Fun water pistol toy
Circus Carnival Rubber Ducks x 4
Collectable circus themed novelty rubber ducks
Puppy Dog Rubber Ducks x 4
Cute puppy design collectable rubber ducks
Racing Driver Rubber Ducks x 4
Collectable race driver theme rubber ducks
Sports Rubber Ducks x 4
Sports design collectable rubber duck animals
Cupcake Rubber Ducks x 4
Cute cupcake themed collectable rubber duckies
Clownfish Family Bath Toy
Fish theme animal bath toy set
Monster Rubber Ducks - Set of 4
Novelty Rubber Duckies, Great gifts for kids and adults