As Seen On

Our inflatables and novelties have been utilised far and wide by television programs, in films, and by people and organisations looking to inject some super fun into their projects and events.

X Factor

Every year The X Factor team make use of our Inflatable Instruments to distribute throughout the crowd to help create a fantastic atmosphere.

Glastonbury Festival

If you were at Glastonbury this year, you might have seen a few happy festival goers in our exclusive Emoji Masks.

Britain's Got Talent

Once again this year we supplied various fun inflatable toys for Britain's Got Talent to use with the audience during certain episodes.

AbFab The Movie

A large selection of our novelty gifts and Inflatable Toys were purchased for use in the recent Absolutely Fabulous the Movie.

Geordie Shore

The Geordie Shore team purchased a large selection of our novelty inflatables, inflatable instruments, and inflatable beach balls.

Celebrity Juice

Here you can see our popular foam hands being used by the cheering audience on Celebrity Juice.

The Jonathan Ross Show

The Jonathan Ross Show also bought some of our foam hands for use in a bit on the show last year.

60 Minute Makeover

The TV program 60 Minute Makeover bought some products from our plush toys section to use in a child's bedroom makeover.

CBBC - Marrying Mum and Dad

CBBC purchased some inflatable animals for use on the popular children's program Marrying Mum and Dad.

Pinewood Studios

Pinewood studios, the location for numerous well known films and television programmes, recently took delivery of some of our inflatable toys. Let us know if you see any of our inflatables in a Pinewood production in the next few years!


DreamWorks recently bought some of our cool emoji stuff possibly for use in a forthcoming production. Let us know if you spot them!